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girlandbooksLibrary/Media Center Mrs. Maureen Hynson, Media Specialist

One of the most thrilling parts of library is to borrow books and practice reading skills. When your child brings home a book from the library, or with the books that you may already have at home, sit with your child as he/she reads and really listen. Help your child with the proper names, uncommon words, or words that may be difficult to sound out.

Discuss the story as you are reading or when you are finished. “What part of the story did you like best?” “Who was your favorite character?” “What was your favorite picture in the story?” There are so many questions that can be asked that will help your child remember what they have read, and will provide a better understanding of the story.

This year, your student will have the opportunity to borrow a book from our school library. Students are expected to take more responsibility for caring for their library books and in making their own book selections. They must return their library book before they can borrow another book. Help your child remember what day their library class is and encourage them to return their book when it is due.


Mrs. Maureen Hynson
Library Media Specialist