Kindergarten News!


Kindergarten at Academy Street Elementary School is an action-packed, full-day program, which combines academics with a strong mixture of music, movement, and art. Kindergarten students will be experiencing special area subjects which include Physical Education, Art, Music, Computers, Media Center, and Spanish. Report cards will be sent home three times during the year beginning in February.

Language Arts
In kindergarten, your child will develop the skills and concepts needed to become life long readers and writers. From our reading series, Journeys, students will develop their listening and comprehension skills through various reading activities. Nursery rhymes and poetry are used to help students develop their oral language skills. The program consists of a mix of Oral Language, Word Study, Reading, Technology and Language Arts activities. It uses both whole and small group instruction.

Science & Social Studies
We will be working this year to integrate Science and Social Studies into our Language Arts curriculum. We will include themes such as Families, Friends, Transportation, Food, Animals, Neighborhood, Weather, Plants, and Amazing Creatures as well as holidays in different cultures.

From our math series, “Go Math!” students will learn to count, write, and create groups of numbers from 0 to 20. The program includes topics such as patterns, two and three dimensional shapes, measurement, addition and subtraction. We use an interactive hands-on approach to teach the math curriculum, which involves a variety of math manipulatives and technology.