5th Grade News!


Fifth Grade is a large transition year.   The students are required to show maturity as the rigors in both responsibility and curriculum are greatly increased. The students are moving toward the future and their emergence as budding middle-school scholars.

Mathematics consists of the coverage of all Core Curriculum Standards. They include but are not limited to: multiplication and division of decimals, order of operations, and fractions. Writing is included and individuals are required to explain their answers as well as completing the algorithms. Fifth Grade uses the district supplied Go Math series and each student has a Think Central account to use at home in case they need help with their homework. Moby Max is a computer site that the students use in class and at home to enhance their math skills.

To improve reading skills the Fifth Grade uses a variety of methods. The district has supplied each student with logins for RAZ Kids and Moby Max reading. Students are usually asked to complete homework assignments nightly on one of these sights. Parents are asked to monitor their child’s progress and make sure they are completing these assignments in a timely fashion. Informational reading is a main focus and the students use articles from their textbook reading series Treasures and the current event magazine, Scholastic News. Skills such as making inferences, comparing and contrasting, and fact and opinion are covered and spiraled back to at various time throughout the year.

Different forms of writing are covered throughout the school year as well. They include informational, opinion, and fictional. Students must look back into texts and cite the information that the have read to show their comprehension prowess. They also must use facts and previous knowledge to write opinions about an array of topics. They will construct stories and other writing at differing times. There is always a focus on grammar and vocabulary as well.

Social Studies and Science are subjects that require the students to depict their knowledge in many forms. There is writing in each subject and the individuals must learn proper study skills in order to excel.   Rote memorization is a huge component and study takes up a yeoman’s share of a Fifth Grader’s nightly homework. These subjects are staggered. Each class finishes all the lessons in a chapter and then switches to the other subject and finishes all of the lessons in that chapter.

Communication between home, school, and teacher is paramount to the success of an adolescent. All teachers have varying ways of communicating with a parent. Please inquire with your child’s individual teacher who I guarantee will be ecstatic to hear from you. Together we can really make a difference in your child’s future!!!