4th Grade News!

We welcome two new team members to our Fourth Grade family this year, Mrs. Edwards and Ms. Miseo. We, as a team, have been off to a great start to the year and look forward to meaningful and productive months ahead.

In Math, we have attacked place value and multiplication thus far. We challenged ourselves in place value to write and use numbers in a variety of ways. Multiplication has a been a challenge that we are up for! We have been dedicated in reviewing our multiplication facts, knowing that they will be valuable moving through the multiplication chapters. We have utilized mobymax.com as a source of review and practice of the various math concepts that we have learned to date.

In reading we have taken a look at various pieces of literature, both nonfiction and fiction. We are analyzing and dissecting each of them to identify main idea, character traits and a variety of story elements. In addition, as part of our Language Arts program, we have begun writing expository responses. We have already begun to grow as writers, as we include more specific details to support our opinions and thoughts.