3rd Grade News!

Third Grade Happenings!

Your child’s year in 3rd grade will be filled of challenging, rewarding and thought provoking learning experiences. We are excited to work with your children to help them strengthen and develop their reading, writing, math, and technology skills.
Third Grade students will begin with standard numerical operations using computation and mental math skills. They will also learn geometry, collecting and organizing data, measurement, basic algebra, multiplication, division, fractions and problem solving. Students will also be able to tell time and determine elapsed time. They will then use these skills to problem solve and connect mathematics to real world experiences. Students will be utilizing GO Math, Moby Max, interactive manipulatives, and communicators.
In reading, students are taught decoding skills, reading strategies, and vocabulary development. They will also learn different ways to respond to text. The students will practice responding to questions about text in writing. They will also learn how to support their responses with evidence from the text.