2nd Grade News!


Your second grade children have been working very diligently as they grow as readers and writers! Through the use of our new reading program “Journeys”, your children have been working on a variety of phonics, comprehension, grammar, and oral vocabulary skills.

During the first marking period in reading we really focused on monitoring our understanding of a story by focusing on different story elements. As good readers we understand that it is important to comprehend what we read! We have really concentrated on Story Elements. Most recently, we have been exploring what happened in a selection and reflecting why it happened (cause and effect).

We have been working on expanding our thoughts and ideas when writing. We understand how essential each step of the writing process is. Be sure to ask your students about the steps of the writing process! We are looking forward to seeing our writing skills improve and grow as the year goes on.

In Mathematics our second graders have been very busy this year learning many different skills through the use of our GO Math! series. For basic skills like adding and subtracting we created tables, used connecting cubes, and used number lines. We are going to start working on a new unit focusing on double-digit addition. After double-digit addition we will then move onto to double-digit subtraction. It is very important that all second graders have memorized their basic addition and subtraction facts up to 20. This will form a solid foundation to build on when learning new math skills! It is extremely important that you sit with your child while they are doing their math homework to see if there are any concepts that are overly difficult or challenging.

By reading our Weekly Reader, we have learned many new facts. We have learned the difference between the common cold and the flu and hopefully how to avoid some of the germs that cause us to get sick. Be sure to ask what a second grader can teach you!

Please remember that communication with your child’s teacher can make a big difference in their education. As the days begin to become shorter and colder, it is important to stay warm by dressing warm. As always, we appreciate your continued efforts at home. Remember to take time to be thankful for our families and health during this special time of year. We look forward to the upcoming months of learning and growing!