1st Grade News!


First grade is fun and exciting! Students will receive a full array of special area subjects including, Art, Physical Education, Music, Health, Library/Computers, Technology, and Spanish.

First grade students will participate in the Journeys Reading Program. The program combines phonics, reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and writing.

In, mathematics students will continue to add, subtract, and apply numbers in many ways. Students will learn how to tell time to the hour and half-hour, graph, and problem solve with word problems.

Science and Social Studies will be incorporated in many language arts lessons and current events will be discussed by using our Weekly News Scholastic Reader. Children will create simple hands on experiments and discover learning through project-based activities.

Reading is an important feat in first grade. Reading daily will reinforce skills and help children to become independent readers. Incorporating technology into school and home is vital each day. Using suggested websites purchased through the district is a wonderful way to access activities.

Please check student homework folder with school rules and guidelines. Use the folder as a way to communicate with your child’s first grade teacher.